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AT Award Categories

The Naomi Walker “Catalyst for Positive Change” Award

  • The Naomi Walker “Catalyst for Positive Change” Award recognizes an individual who has accomplished breaking down barriers by implementing policies and overall systems change related to the acquisition and/or implementation of curriculum or technology in educational, recreational, or employment environments which provides access to all individuals.

The Melinda Quinn “Squeaky Wheel” Award

  • The Melinda Quinn “Squeaky Wheel” Award recognizes an individual who has worked at the community, district, or school level to develop local grassroots efforts through advocating for appropriate supports for individuals with disabilities.

Excellence in AT Service Delivery Award

  • The Excellence in AT Integration Award recognizes an organization, local education agency or local school. where two or more professionals or entities promote or facilitate the development of effective AT consideration of devices and services in a classroom, school, school system, workplace and/or community. Factors considered include coordination of services (training, considering, evaluating), networking and collaboration (input from a variety of professions), innovation in development and implementation (planning tools and materials), and lasting impact of the service provided on person(s) served.

Tools for Life Visionary Award

  • The Visionary Award recognizes a leader in the field of education who with vision, innovation, and/or initiative provided access for individuals with disabilities with the inclusion of accommodations, supports and/or assistive technology. This individual has done this through advancing understanding, access, acquisition and/or quality service delivery.

Tools for Life Innovation Award

  • The Innovation Award recognizes outstanding design of a program, project, product, building, space and/or inclusive classroom. This award was created by Tools for Life, Georgia’s Assistive Technology Program to promote creativity and encourage AT & universal design principles for equal access of all people.

Tools for Life Emerging Leader Award

  • The Tools for Life Emerging Leader Award honors a student with a disability who has demonstrated proactive leadership skills by using assistive technology in their school environment, during transition practices, and/or preparation for continuing education and community living.

Previous Award Winners

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