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***Regularly getting requests for new evaluations; trying to move towards demonstrations
***Regularly getting requests for new evaluations; trying to move towards demonstrations

*Georgia School for the Deaf
*'''Georgia School for the Deaf Contract'''
** Delay in the Contract
** Delay in the Contract
***AAC Assessment
***AAC Assessment

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TFL Mission

  • Increase access to and acquisition of assistive technology devices and services so Georgians of all ages and disabilities can live, learn, work and play independently in communities of their choice.

Team Meeting Expectations

1. All TFL team meetings are no/light device meetings. This means using your device professionally, minimally, as an accommodation, or for emergencies.

2. Be mindful of the time you are given for your updates.

3. Provide thoughtful and comprehensive updates to the team. This time is the opportunity for everyone to learn about TFL projects and activities.


TFL Director Updates (Carolyn)

TFL Research Updates (Ben S. & Carolyn)


  • Volume 13 is in final editing. Expect release in October 2019. Thank you, again, Tori for all your hard work on this volume!
  • Volume 14 theme will be "Literacy". Call for Papers closed June 15.
  • We submitted a paper, "Does Mastery of AT in High school Impact Post Secondary Performance?" which is out for Peer Review.

Presentations accepted:

  • GA Ed Tech Conf (Nov 6-8) in ATL. on Mastery of AT in High school and Post Secondary Performance
  • ATIA (Jan 29-Feb 1) - DBHDD Project Poster Presentation and Mastery of AT presentation.
  • GSHA (Feb 13-15) DBHDD Project full presentation

On DBHDD Contract:

  • Draft report on FY2019 DBHDD Project has been submitted. Thanks to all who provided feedback and critique.
  • New DBHDD FY2020 Project is under way.
  • Team is contacting individuals who were in works in June and scheduling/ making visits.
  • Modifications to DBHDD research records in SRI database are being implemented. Thanks to Ciara and team for excellent input. Thanks to Matthew Blake for his creativity and perseverance...
  • DBHDD is an enormous project with many facets. Thanks to those taking a leadership roles within the project: Danny on DBHDD inventory, Ciara on data and QC, Martha on organizing visits and consults, and Liz on Training & outreach. We appreciate the valuable roles played by each TFL team member!
  • We are working on the subcontracts with FODAC and CFII to get them up and running.

What Users of AT Wish Developers Knew About Their Literacy Experiences Project

  • IRB approval received Sept 18.
  • Expect to start working with Howard School on first interviews in the next few weeks

Work ACCESS Project

  • Team conducted several focus groups on mobility, workstation accommodation and remembering things in the workplace. More to come in the weeks ahead.
  • Working on a pre-conference event at ATIA to tap experts in job accommodation for validation of Work Access project Expert Panels.
  • Thanks to Liz and her team for coordinating captioning services, pulling the focus group announcements together, and sending them out.

Other Decision Trees/Algorithum Projects:

  • Aging Decision Tree Project (Washington)
  • K-12 - Phillip Roberts has sharing access to what he has done so far.
  • Paroles & Pardons Project

Other Projects:

  • Exploring other possible Grant opportunities:
  • HIIAT (High Impact Innovative Assistive Technology) Grants
  • FIP (Field Initiated Proposals) NIDILRR Proposals
  • GVRA Contract
  • Establishing a UX Accessibility Lab (John)
  • Establishing a Consortium for Accessibility Research

TFL State Leadership Activities - (Liz)

  • Data Reminder: Don't forget to include your presentations, trainings, public awareness, education, etc. in the database each month.
  • What Happened
    • CDC/EOO AT Lab - 10/16 (Sam, Ciara lead)
    • Shepherd Center Visit - 10/28 (Tori, Rachel)
    • A Morning with Judy Heumann, International Disability Rights Activist - Tuesday, October 29, 2019
    • GATE - exhibitor registration is now open - Sam lead
  • What's Coming up
    • Texthelp User Group - 11/12
    • CDC Visit - 11/14
    • GATE 2019 - 12/6
    • TFL policy and procedures - Liz, Sam
    • TFL website - Liz, Tori
    • ATIA planning is underway! Carolyn, Liz, Tori
    • Please include the training team on professional development activities - presentations, trainings, events, tours, demos, visiting other sites, etc.
  • Projects
  • ATAP (AT3)
    • 2020 contract is in place - webinars, videos, accessible docs
  • AT Reuse Activities
    • Carolyn, Liz, Danny, others as needed
    • Still continue to provide Reuse TA.
    • Working with AT3 on TA protocol, etc.
    • Disaster Relief Efforts: PIDS - Danny lead, Portal requests - Ciara/Tori
  • GTPE UD Video Project
    • Liz, Sam, Tori, Raminta
    • Writing scripts, Editing videos - almost done!
  • Work ACCESS - Decision Tree/AT Software KnowledgeBase
    • Carolyn, Liz, Sarah, Ben S., Tori
    • Focus groups - we need participants and would like your input on possible candidates
  • TechSAge 2 - Training and Outreach
    • Carolyn, Liz
    • Have you listened to the podcast yet?
    • Continue to provide public awareness and education, Planning continues for competition.
    • Check out the RERC TechSAge website to learn more.
  • GT Wireless RERC - Training and TA
    • Carolyn, Liz, Sam, Raminta
    • Outreach & Public Awareness ongoing (Sam lead)

TFL K-12 Initiatives and Updates (Gina)

  • K-12
    • K-12 Contract – Statement of Work (SOW)
      • From CIDI/TFL end is complete – GaDOE/Special Education is pleased with it
      • Currently back with Special Education to initiate contract, go through Cabinet, and take to the State Board of Education (SBE)
      • Timelines are January 2020 – December 2020
      • Components of this contract include:
        • Customized, mini AT Training Videos (3-7 minutes each) – 5 videos
        • Assistive Technology (AT Consultation Services) – portal to log services and track time
        • Assistive Technology Webinar Series – supporting a series that has already been scheduled and marketed
        • AT/UDL Software Pilot Program – software for reading, writing & math, possibly accommodation assessment
        • Assistive Technology Lending Library
        • Discovery Surveys
        • EdTrade, Georgia Assistive Technology School Swap Database
        • Strategic Roadmaps for future development and operation of
        • Expanded UDL/AT Software package
        • E-Text delivery program
        • District membership for CIDI/TFL services
    • K-12 Referrals
      • Slow and steady scheduling referrals we have and writing reports
      • Regularly getting requests for new evaluations; trying to move towards demonstrations
  • Georgia School for the Deaf Contract
    • Delay in the Contract
      • AAC Assessment
      • Two Trainings
  • Preliminary discussions regarding participation in National Science Foundation (NSF) grant. Georgia would be 1/3 states (Kentucky, Georgia, & Michigan). Proposed project – Accessible Online Science Assessment Outcomes for Students with Disabilities - looking at online assessments, embedded tools and impact on student performance.
  • AAC Camp – @ Camp Twin Lakes this spring (2020) for a weekend camp for kick-off (Camp Jabberjaw - Mississippi State University is losing funding looking to replicate something like Camp Jabberjaw here in GA)
    • CHOA is involved, private individuals – logistics & fundraising to be worked out, but seeming determined to get this off the ground for the spring
    • UGA & UWG with SLP Programs
      • looking to involve Valdosta, Georgia Southern University Armstrong Campus, & Georgia State SLP Programs

TFL Direct AT Services - AT Access Updates (Martha)

  • Device Demos All Centers 10/1/18- Present: 1040
  • Device Demo TFL 10/1/18- Present: 186
  • Device Loan All Centers 10/1/18-Present: 574
  • Device Loan TFL 10/1/18- Present: 301
  • Device Reutilization 10/1/18- Present: 6756
  • Contract Updates
  • 1. DBHDD- We have began seeing individuals and scheduling appts using new system
  • 2. Other assessments- completed MFP assessment, 2 workplace assessments have been asked about
  • 3. AT has been added into database and has been bar-coded- will begin to put kits together
  • 4. Receiving several requests for demos as unable to do evals
  • 5. Ciara is working with Heather and EXCEL
  • 6. KSU Contracts- $1500 and $5000
  • 7. New AAC App- Tippy Talk

TFL AT Acquisition Updates (Danny)

Projects: TFL - Activities: Credit-Able, G-Trade, Dollars & Sense, AT Depot Co-op

Credit-Able ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

DBHDD Equipment

  1. One cabinet has been assembled, I'll be organizing items soon
  2. SLP kits need to be assembled
  3. Items must still be kept separate, regardless of the status of the DBHDD project. Those items are not property of TFL.
  4. We will be getting some stickers to put on DBHDD items


  1. APRIL was a huge success! (Will be in Orlando next year, hopefully Liz will be able to join me) 800+ people in attendance