TFL Team Meeting - 06/19/2018

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Director's Updates (Carolyn)

  • AMAC - Budget & Projections - PROGRESS!
  • Goals 2018:
    • 1. Ensure financial sustainability by diversifying revenue, *managing costs, and building a reserve.
    • 2. Promote staff excellence by enhancing skill development through training and strengthening accountability.
    • 3. Strengthen research contributions to advance academic and public engagement and enhance quality/trust in products and service.
  • Effective Program Management
    • Best Use of Time and Talents
    • Outcome Oriented and Results Focused

TFL Administration Updates

  • HR -
    • Reorganization - Liz, Martha and Danny now Managers!
    • Will Hire:
      • 1-2 more Managers
      • 1 Project Specialist/Research
      • 1 Programmer
  • Performance Reviews & Goals
    • Updated your Progress Every month
    • Save and Share your Kudos!

Finance & Programmatic Updates (Carolyn)

Grants & Contracts Updates!

  • 1-5 year Strategy!
  • PEB
  1. FUNDED-AT Act 2017: P4 - do not use.
  2. FUNDED-AT Act 2018 - CR1 & CR2: AK Hope to Have Final Budget soon. Preseident Budget 2019 released.
  3. FUNDED Division of Behavioral Heath and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD) for $1,000,000: Budget Modification
  4. FUNDED Division of Behavioral Heath and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD) | $68,500 for AT services and training to Gracewood Hospital in Augusta: Moving Forward
  5. FUNDED - DEI: Do not charge to unless working on this.
  6. FUNDED - Division of Aging Services (DAS) | $10,000 for TA to set up 4 new AT Labs in the ADRCs
  7. FUNDED - Alternative Financing Program Grant | $661,742 for Credit-Able: Wrapping up. Only Danny's time.
  8. FUNDED - GT Wireless RERC | $15,000 for Training and TA:
  9. FUNDED - GT CATEA TechSAge ($10,000):
  10. FUNDED- Division of Aging Services (DAS) "Dementia Able" | $40,000 for AT technical assistance for Decision Tree Development:
  11. FUNDED - Division of Aging Services (DAS) "DONR" | $16,500 for AT technical assistance for Decision Tree Development:
  12. FUNDED - ATAP | $47k for for National Pass It On Center:
  13. FUNDED - GTC - PIOC from Portlight! $70k
  14. FUNDED - GT CATEA Workplace DRRP | Training and TA: $76,650: Wrapping up

Strategic Development Updates (Carolyn)

2018 Proposals:

  1. NPS 5 year funding
  2. RERC TechSAge 2: 5 year funding
  3. DRRP CATEA: 5 year funding
  4. DBHDD
  5. HHS - DT
  6. CDFI CFII - Match
  7. GVRA 1-3 year funding
  8. NIDLIRR AbleData: 5 year funding
  9. Aging?

2019 Planning:

  1. RERC? AMAC Lead
  2. FIP AMAC Lead
  3. NSF
  4. Increase State Funding

TFL AT Services Updates

AT Access Updates (Martha)

  1. ) Krista will be working 2 days a week until June 21 :( She is working on finishing up the individuals she currently has plus getting her DBHDD individuals to a point where I can reassign. The SLP job has been posted- please spread the word!

- Ciara will be with us until the end of June; Hours: Mon- Thurs 8:30-5 Fri 9-4 Projects:

  1. ) TFL Project - Activities: Demo, Device Loan, AT Eval, AT Training, TFL Network:

- 10/1/17- present - All Centers - Device Loans 343, Device Demo 1010, Device Reutilization 1769; TFL- Device Loans 65 , Device Demo 152

  1. ) Division of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD) for $1,000,000:

- 122 Referred; 20 declined services or not eligible for the program; majority needing speech services

  1. ) Division of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD) | $68,500 for AT services and training to Gracewood Hospital in Augusta: Almost through DBHDD's contract process.

- Survey has been completed (thanks Asha and Sam C); waiting to hear back from Gracewod regarding mailing iPads for surveys to be completed- hopefully will be mailed this week -Trainings will be shaped by the outcome of surveys - 10 individuals already identified to be transitioned out soon and will need AT ASAP - Krista, Rachel, and Martha have made one trip to Gracewood. We are waiting to receive the AT Agreement forms to be returned; will follow-up this week - This project does not have funds to purchase equipment; will be doing loans to make sure equipment is right fit

  1. )DEI

-Doing a contract and budget modification - referred 2 individuals but not able to complete assessments due to on the job training or individual keeps canceling - Rachel doing a great job with communication btw TFL and DEI - Call with Rossany last Thursday; budget modification should be coming through soon - Would like to hire counselors in Atlanta and has asked for TFL Training June 22nd; training will include how to make referrals

  1. )National Parks

- ALL Webinars have been Completed!! Huge Shout out to Sarah and Rachel and Carolyn for presenting!! -2/26, 2-4PM - Disability 101 -3/15, 2-4PM - ICT Accessibility -3/29, 2-4PM - Universal Design -4/12 - 2PM-4PM - Assessments and Evaluations -4/25 - 2PM-4PM - Laws and Regulations - Brian would like these packaged and clean; he is looking into how we can access WebEx to download what he sent; found out afterwards NPS could have used Adobe Connect - Carolyn and Martha have lunch meeting with Brian on Thursday - Liz is working on how we can package these all as modules after we complete -Would like TFL to create 2 Universal Design Templates for physical and programmatic; Sarah has taken the lead on these - Martha has weekly calls with Brian Cook - A survey list of questions and a draft strategic plan has been sent for him to review - Brian has asked for us to Review NPS projects for Accessibility - Brian has asked for an Accessibility Checklist- draft today - Rachel and Martha to test out Accessibility Checklist at Cumberland Island next Tuesday

  1. )GVRA HR Membership has been completed. Have refered 1 person but 3 more needed for AT Assessments. Danny assisting Martha with the first one
  1. ) Division of Aging Services (DAS) | $10,000 for TA to set up 4 new AT Labs in the ADRCs - Memberships - Are they all Members?

- Rachel has at least one MFP assessment - Completed Training for Aging Center in Albany yesterday

  1. ) Division of Aging Services (DAS) | $70,000 for AT services and TA to transition people out of nursing homes (MFP): Rolling out through AMAC Membership process!
  1. )Still have several requests for AT Evals and AAC Assessments. AAC Assessment are on hold until new SLP has been hired

AT Acquisition Updates (Danny)


  1. ) TFL - Activities: Credit-Able, Info & Assistance through TFL 1-800 number, G-Trade, Dollars & Sense, AT Depot Co-Op, AMAC Co-Op, Last Resort Fund
  • FDIC Conference was a success
  • GLASS conference was a success- shoutout to Tori and Lokyee for
  • NDI held their Inclusive Lending Summit at Shepherd yesterday, good feedback and materials distributed. Raminta was there filming and bring in $
  • Getting with Annabel to ensure all cheat sheets for medicaid waivers are finalized and CFII will be placing a print order
  • JR update
  • Justin update

  1. ) HHS|ACL - Alternative Financing Program Grant | $661,742 for Credit-Able - Activities: Loan Products, Financial Education Services (FES), Training Logistics, Website deliverables
  • Wrapping up HHS grant- 76 consumers served, around $200,000 distributed (and counting), 88% approval rate, less than 6% default rate
  • Writing the new ACL grant now- get those letters of support in!

Access Lab/Special Projects Updates (Ben J.)

Xbox Adaptive Controller and various colored switches.
Xbox Adaptive Controller with labelled inputs.
  • Photographer/Videographer IDEAS
  • Google I/O
    • Google Lens
    • Sound Amplifier
    • Open Sesame
    • Select to Speak
    • Voice Access
  • Xbox Adaptive Controller

TFL State Leadership Updates

Program, Training & Outreach Updates (Liz)


1 TFL - Training, Public Awareness, TA and Outreach

  • IDEAS - (Complete & Success!)
  • ATIA 2019
    • Creating an Inclusive Emergency Planning Summit in Your State
    • Self-Advocacy: Tips, Tricks and Lessons Learned
    • Increasing Assistive Technology Service Delivery Through Partnerships
    • Creativity and Nontraditional Approaches to Enhancing Individuals Lives
    • Taking Your Assistive Technology Lab on the Road: Best Practices
    • Emergency Management: Exploring and Maximizing Statewide and National Partnerships
  • GVRA Manager and Supervisor Training this Friday 6/22
  • Annabel and graphic design - What are your needs? What materials would you like created? Think further out!
  • Grant Proposal - CDC with Partnership (Complete!)
  • Grant Proposal - CNCS (Corporation for National and Community Service) with Partnership and AUCD - 2018 Community Conversations Research - focuses on engaging communities in conversations about civic health using participatory research approaches (emergency/disaster relief). $200,000! (Complete!)
  • National Getting It Right Conference, focus on emergencies/disasters - Carolyn, Liz, Ben J. - (Complete & Success!)

2 HHS | ACL - Credit-Able Activities: Training Logistics, Website deliverables

  • Danny!
  • Annabel created financial education materials.

3 GT Wireless RERC | $15,000 for Training and TA - Activities: include slide in all TFL Trainings (Complete!), Use Workbook in Workshops (Complete!), Co-Host Aging and Tech Summit (Complete!)

  • Video series: Active! - Sam lead
  • Outreach/Public Awareness - Sam lead

4 GT CATEA TechSAge ($10,000) Activities: include slide in all TFL Trainings (Complete!), Use Workbook in Workshops (Complete!), Co-Host Aging and Tech Summit (Complete!)

  • TechSAge 5 year APR - (Complete & Success!)
  • TechSAge 2 site visit on June 6 - (Complete & Success!)

5 Division of Aging Services (DAS) "Dementia Able" | $40,000 for AT technical assistance for Decision Tree Development -Workshop @ ATIA 2018 (Complete!))

6 Division of Aging Services (DAS) "DONR" | $16,500 for AT technical assistance for Decision Tree Development -Activities: Create "Mapping" and final Report

  • Todd continues to work on Decision Tree
  • May continues to work on Decision Tree visual prototype
  • 4 focus groups coming up - Liz & Rachel lead

7 ATAP | $66,670 for the first year and every year for 5 years ($333,350) for National Pass It On Center AT Reuse Activities: Survey (Active), CoP Webinar schedule (Complete!), Trainings and TA

  • Disaster Relief Efforts!: Every Tuesday 2:00 PM AT/DME/Supplies National Call; 3:00 PM Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies National Call
  • Portal requests and submissions - Asha lead (Liz/Danny support)
  • Technical Assistance: Ongoing - Liz lead
  • CoP Subcommittees: Medicaid, IQ ATR, Knowledge Base - Carolyn, Trish, Liz (Almost done!)

8 GT CATEA Workplace DRRP | Training and TA: $76,650 Over 65 interviews completed"

  • Currently writing scripts - Sam and Tori
  • Raminta working on videos. Completed "rough cut" of initial video "Laying the Foundation".

9 GT CATEA FIP - ($15,500) Activities: 2 focus good groups @ ATIA (Complete!), Survey, Design Input - Liz/Sam lead

TFL Research Updates (Ben S., Zerrin & Carolyn)

  1. ATOB
  2. TextHelp!
  3. Decision Trees/Algorithum
  4. In DBHDD Contract
  5. In GVRA Contract
  6. Establishing a UX Accessibility Lab (John)
  7. Establishing a Consortium for Accessibility Research

TFL Action Items

Open Floor, Action Items, Agenda Setting (Carolyn facilitates, Open Floor, 5-10 mins)

  • (This time can be used for further discussion of follow-up and/or new topics, hot/action items, and to set agenda items for next month.)

Follow Up Topics and Upcoming Topics