Guam System for Assistive Technology Annual Conference - 2021

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Building Bridges for Smoother Transitions through Assistive Technology

27th Annual Guam System for Assistive Technology (GSAT) Conference Keynote

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Carolyn Phillips, M.Ed, CPACC | Tools for Life | Center for Inclusive Design and Innovation

Session Description:

Beginning a path that leads to college or preparing for the workforce can be an overwhelming experience. This keynote session will explore the collective role each of us plays in promoting student success further through transition planning and the powerful role of assistive technology in this process. We will examine outcomes that can occur when universal learning design, accessibility and appropriate assistive technology solutions are integrated into the lives of individuals with disabilities.

During this session, participants will learn about some of the strategies and solutions being used to assist students with disabilities prepare for life beyond high school and assist with smooth transitions into the workplace and community. We will discuss technological trends and share examples of assistive technology, accessibility, and specifics about software, hardware, and apps.

Resources for You!


Phillips, C. (2021). Building Bridges for Smoother Transitions through Assistive Technology. Virtual Presentation, 2021.