GVRA New Managers and Supervisors Trainings

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New Managers & Supervisors Training

GVRA - Atlanta, GA

Friday, June 22, 2018


Carolyn Phillips, AMAC|TFL
Liz Persaud, AMAC|TFL
Ben Jacobs, AMAC|TFL
Danny Housley, AMAC|TFL


This interactive training with the Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency will review the Tools For Life program, define and explore assistive technology, discuss assistive technology funding options, discuss disability awareness and best practices for managing those with disabilities, and much more. This presentation expands on our collaboration with GVRA and focuses on training, outreach and solutions to reach more individuals throughout Georgia.


Phillips, C., Persaud, L., Jacobs, B., Housley, D. (2018). Tools for Life: Exploring Your Assistive Technology Program, Strategies and Solutions in Georgia. Presented at GVRA, Atlanta, GA, 2018.