Archdiocese of Atlanta: Introduction to Your AT Act Program

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Tools for Life: You Assistive Technology Act Program

Archdiocese of Atlanta

March 26, 2019

This presentation provides an introduction and overview of Tools for Life, Georgia's Assistive Technology Act Program at Georgia Tech. Participants will learn about the seven core services provided by TFL under the AT Act and how they can be utilized by schools, teachers, students and parents of students with disabilities. The presenter defines assistive technology and shares information about real world solutions and implementation, along with information focusing on acquisition, funding of AT, and TFL training and outreach. This presentation is a precursor to an extensive assistive technology training that will occur in the fall.

Gina Gelinas, Educational Outreach Manager, Tools for Life Sam Peters, Program Specialist, Tools for Life

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Gelinas, G. & Peters, S. (2019). Archdiocese of Atlanta: Introduction to Your AT Act Program. Presented at Center for Inclusive Design and Innovation, Atlanta, GA. 2019.