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All Advisory Council meetings will take place at the Tools for Life office at the Center for Inclusive Design and Innovation at Georgia Tech from 10:00 AM to 3:30 PM EST, unless otherwise noted.


Advisory Council By-Laws

Advisory Council Members

Anne Warley Community Advocate

Gigi Taylor Community Advocate

Trey Quinn Community Advocate

Tools for Life Network

Access to Independence

O'ree Crittenden
Representative of Tools for Life Partner and Independent Living

Tools for Life/Ex Officio Members

Carolyn Phillips (Ex-Officio) Program Director and Principal Investigator

Liz Persaud (Ex-Officio) Program and Outreach Manager

Martha Rust (Ex-Officio) Assistive Technology Direct Service Team Manager

Danny Housley Assistive Technology Acquisition Manager

Gina Gelinas Educational Outreach Manager

Sarah Endicott Assistive Technology Specialist

Rachel Wilson Assistive Technology Specialist

Sam Peters Program Specialist

Tori Hughes Holder Outreach Specilast

Ciara Montes Assistive Technology Specialist

Annabel Joyner Graphic Design Intern and AT Lab Specialist

DeeDee Bunn Speech-Language Pathologist

Ben Satterfield Research Associate

Presentations, Minutes and Agendas