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(Access to Independence)
(Access to Independence)
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==Access to Independence==
==Access to Independence==
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All Advisory Council meetings will take place at the Tools for Life office at the Center for Inclusive Design and Innovation at Georgia Tech from 10:00 AM to 3:30 PM EST, unless otherwise noted.


Advisory Council By-Laws

Advisory Council Members

Name Location Representative of:
Anne Warley Community Advocate
Gigi Taylor St. Simons Island, GA Community Advocate
Trey Quinn Atlanta, GA Community Advocate

Tools for Life Network

Access to Independence

Organization Name Location Representative of:
Access2Independece Oree Crittenden Columbus, GA Tools for Life Partner
Independent Living

Tools for Life/Ex Officio Members

Carolyn Phillips (Ex-Officio)

  • Program Director and Principal Investigator

Liz Persaud (Ex-Officio)

  • Program and Outreach Manager

Martha Rust (Ex-Officio)

  • Assistive Technology Direct Service Team Manager

Danny Housley

  • Assistive Technology Acquisition Manager

Gina Gelinas

  • Educational Outreach Manager

Sarah Endicott

  • Assistive Technology Specialist

Rachel Wilson

  • Assistive Technology Specialist

Sam Peters

  • Program Specialist

Tori Hughes Holder

  • Outreach Specilast

Ciara Montes

  • Assistive Technology Specialist

Annabel Joyner

  • Graphic Design Intern and AT Lab Specialist

DeeDee Bunn

  • Speech-Language Pathologist

Ben Satterfield

  • Research Associate

Sal Kibler

  • Gerontology Student Intern

Presentations, Minutes and Agendas